The topic for this week

The topic for this week

Understand; Rate of turn. Angle of turn.


Aircraft maneuvering is referenced to a standard rate of turn. A standard rate turn is defined as a 3° per second turn, which completes a 360° turn in 2 minutes. This is known as a 2-minute turn, or rate one (180°/min).

R1 = 3 degrees per second. R1 360 takes 2 minutes
R2 = 6 degrees per second. R2 360 takes 1 minute
R3 = 9 degrees per second. R3 360 takes 40 seconds
R4 = 12 degrees per second. R4 360 takes 30 seconds
R5 = 15 degrees per second. R5 360 takes 24 seconds

This individual aircraft would stall at 50 knots (wings level) clean. After executing: Height Airframe Security Engine Location Lookout checks. The aircraft turns at 70 knots at 45° of bank. Aircraft in clean configuration. Engine idle. Prop fine. Take off weight 585 Kilo. In perfect conditions. Aircraft at 5500 feet QNH lost nearly 335 feet in a 17 second 180° turn. Aircraft has electronic audio and visual stall warner and a SMARTASS

What was the rate of turn?
What’s the turn angle?
Anything else important?

The Safety Section on the website is found here. Read it now.

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