Land on a glacier.

Land on a glacier.

This is just about the only thing a Europa Monowheel can’t do. Land on a glacier. Unless maybe, in your imagination, you strap a snowboard underneath the aircraft. 

We have Europa Club Mountain Pilots. Holding the appropriate privileged qualification to land their own Europa Monowheel aircraft on an altisurface; For Europe: Rémi, Jean-Philippe and John.  (Acknowledgement; new EASA Mountain pilot requirements in 2018). For the Antipodes: Tim

Sadly a snowboard modification to enable a Europa Mono to land on a glacier does not exist.

If you zoom into the centre of the picture you will see two dots. These dots are actually :

An aircraft taking-off and the same aircraft’s shadow.

Whilst on the subject of shadows. What is the danger the faces pilot of the aircraft?

Read about Mountain flying in the latest issue of the Europa Flyer.

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Chanteloube bridge, a local curiosity and  the Gap Tallard International Fly in.

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