Cowl & Cooling

The object of this section is to provide some background in what others have done in this area of the aircraft. I hope it may give you some ideas. If you have done or seen something interesting we have not covered then please let me have the details which we can then add. Contact the Modifications Specialist

The cowl of the Europa is not aesthetically pleasing to many observers. With standard Europa setup, the Rotax powered aircraft are insufficiently cooled while stationary on hot days. They also tend to be overcooled during the winter months in the UK. There is also considerable discussion of the function and value of the “gills” at the rear of the cowl. As a result of these factors a wide variety of changes have been tried by owners. As a background for this we have the following

  1. Bud Yerly has produced a valuable article Cooling 101 for Europa.
  2. There is an interesting article on Contrail, Radiator aerodynamics.

LAA Mods

SM10405 Cowl attachment with Southco fastners
SM11362 Revised (Tropical) oil/water cooler air intake

Neville Eyer’s Revised Cowl
Variations on the Rotax Cowl
Here are some cowls for other engines such as the Jabiru (air cooled)