Rotax 912 & 914 Engines

Rotax produce the 912 (80hp), 912S (100hp), 914 (100hp continuous, 115hp peak) also 912is  and now the915is (140hp) engines


Factory Instructions see CBM either 912 or 914.
Hints and tips from Lockwood engineering 912 Parts 1-2 and 912 Parts 3-4.
Oil Tank Bracket is the place to obtain a copyof the appropriate Rotax installation manual and Illustrated Parts catalog (They are too big to load on our site). The illustrated parts catalog can be a great help in understanding what you are doing.

Service Bulletins, etc

Rotax Service instruction,Service letters and bulletins

Rotax Mods

Rotax Mods (see the bottom of the page)

Useful Contacts

UK Distributor Skydrive
UK service and repair ConAir Sports
US Ditributor Kodiak Research
Rotax-Owner information