Europa Mods & SBs

Almost every Europa aircraft is different, depending on the model (Classic or XS) and on each builders choice of components and configurations. There are a number of sources for these modifications:-

  1. Factory changes and updates are covered in Europa Service bulletins (Europa SB’s) and Factory Newsletters. You must comply with Europa SBs and any mandatory instructions from your regulatory authority. In the UK these are Mandatory Permit Directives (MPDs) and Airworthness Information Leaflets (AILs). Modification are changes you may want to make to your aircraft. In the UK, changes are regulated by the LAA and how this work is explained in”What is a Modification“. You may want to invent your own changes but using one that is already approved can save you consideable time and effort. Many authorities outside the UK will accept modifications previously approved by the LAA but check first.
  2. Europa Modifications (Europa Mods). These are factory options you may wish to fit.
  3. LAA Standard Mods. These are options fully approved by the LAA, well documented and can be approved by your local inspector.
  4. Repeat and other useful mods. These are Mods previously made by builders and approved by the LAA for their aircraft. They may not be well documented and you will need to seek LAA permision to undertake the mode.
  5. Obsolete Mods. These are mandatory modifcation which SHOULD have been carried out already. You should only need to check these once, when completing a new aircraft, but it MUST be done.
  6. Europa Parts. This section contains details of the parts kits for instruments offered Europa.

Europa Mods & SBs Downloads