Data Protection and the Europa Club

Data Protection and the Europa Club

Saturday 30th December 2017

European law is changing about making contact information available and the information the Club holds on you. This effects sharing member information. At this time, the website will not allow contact information to be shared. When the new law comes into effect, there may be a change in the website.

Question: What should I do as a Club Member?

As it’s the beginning of a New Year it is perhaps a good time to visit your own personal details held in the Member area of this website. Fortunately the Club Database was updated in August 2017 and you now have have an opportunity to dynamically check that the privacy settings, reflect your personal requirements. You have the option to change or maintain the existing settings. 


There will be further bulletins as we get closer to the 25th May 2018 when the changes in the European Community Law come into effect.

As a Member Club of the LIght Aviation Association we will be taking advice from the LAA on how to proceed.


Posted by Bob Hitchcock 30th December 2017 Remove End of May 2018 unless superseded.