Go Gap!

Go Gap!

Monday 19th March 2018


Some pilots have expressed their reluctance to fly to Gap due to the location of the airfield in mountainous area.
There are some good reasons not to be afraid:
1. The Gap-Tallard airfield is open to public traffic without restriction. Our authorities who are prone to open their big umbrella as soon as they see a risk. The authorities would have put some restriction such as "mountain rating required" or "reserved to home-based aircraft" if they had concern about flatland pilots flying in. They did not.
Both runways (hard and grass) are long enough to offer a good margin for our light aircraft to land and take off safely. Turboprop singles and twins are using the airfield regularly and we even see a Citation jet from time to time, so with a Europa it should be easy. The AFIS guys in the tower are all active pilots, of course they speak English, they are friendly, they are there to help and they will help you if needed.
2. The weather in the South Alps is Cavok most of the time with very good visibility. That helps greatly. When coming from the far north, arriving through Valence (LFLU) is a good option. Flying at 6000 ft or more, you will be higher than the surrounding terrain. Fly direct to the S reporting point, then follow the valley to the airfield.
The ride may be bumpy, especially in the afternoon due to summer thermals, or in case of high winds, but it usually calms down when you reach the valley were the airfield is located.
If you are still afraid, I suggest you talk to an experienced pilot close to your location and arrange a formation flight to Gap!

More specific details to come later on.




Posted by Bob Hitchcock, follwing a request by Remi Guerner. Remove from Front page June 2018 unless superceded