LAA Rally success

Tuesday 5th September 2017

The Europa Club stand at the rally was well attended throughout, with
64 members signing the attendance register and enjoying chatting to
others over coffee and cake. The newly refurbished/ resurrected G-XSDJ
was on the stand and provoked a lot of interest. It is of course quite
old now but the beautiful seamless join done by Nev Eyres grafting on a
new section of fuselage, central tunnel and firewall was admired
together with the new all glass/all Garmin G3X/G5 panel and the Beringer
wheel and brake.

Three committee members managed to judge all the Europa aircraft
present at midday on Saturday and G-ILLZ, the really superb trigear of
Rod Palmer was chosen as the winner of the LAA cup for the best Europa.
Many congratulations to him and his partner Gill. Other planes in the
last five short list were G-IPOD, OO-145, G-RJWX and G-YETI.

Alasdair Milne, Club Secretary for the last 6 years was awarded the
Cliff and Betty Shaw Trophy at the Rally. This was richly deserved for
all the very considerable amount of work he has put into keeping the
club running.

Irene Watson our indefatigable social secretary managed to charm
multiple exhibitors into donating fine prizes for the Raffle at the Club
Dinner due to be held at the Charlecote Pheasant near Wellesbourne
Mountford on 23 September. Notable amongst these is a beautiful shiny
new PLB. If you need any extra incentive to come to the dinner, this
unmissable raffle is surely it! It is not too late. Details on the club

Happy landings, David Joyce, G-XSDJ


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