Older pilots should fly more often

Wednesday 1st November 2017

GASCO. General Aviation Safety Council have published guidance to all older pilots. 


Fly frequently or not at all.

Physical health is crucial. Diet and exercise are all important here.

Note the gist of every instruction/clearance from Air Traffic before reading it back. When, two minutes later, you cannot recall what the precise altitude limitation was your note will tell you.

Fatigue is an increasing pitfall for the ageing pilot. Recognise that you cannot competently do as much you used to do five or ten years ago and limit your hours per day accordingly.

Cut out the more demanding sorts of flying - fly a simpler aircraft (after good type conversion training) - give up night flying and flying in marginal weather.

Use ATC and radar more. Accept that you are more prone to wander stupidly without a clearance into controlled airspace than you used to be. Get a Traffic Service and the extra protection from doing something stupid that this will provide. Failing that a Listening Squawk will be better than nothing.

Carry a Personal Collision Avoidance System (PCAS) or other electronic proximity warning device. Your eyesight is not as good as it was.

Get a noise cancelling headset. Your hearing is not what it was either.

Give yourself plenty of time for preflight work - NOTAMs, weather, performance, weight and balance, preflight checks and passenger briefings need to be considered without any time pressures. Avoid in flight decision making challenges by already having in place alternative plans to deal with eventualities such as adverse weather.

Consider flying with another pilot. In this way workload can be shared although it will be important that neither of you is ever uncertain as to who is the Pilot In Command at any time.

How might you keep flying safely?


The full article is is available on line


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Source: GASCO News release

Posted by Europa Club Chairman and Europa Club Secretary 


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