Pilot with no Insurance cover

Pilot with no  Insurance cover

Thursday 15th March 2018

More surprises in the news. Aircraft and pilot not covered in this scenario

You have remembered to insure your aircraft? But have you checked that your ordinary Annual multi trip holiday travel insurance does not exclude cover whilst flying light aircraft?

Cover is  available for pan European destinations for an annual payment about £100 / €100 . No matter how many flights you make in a year. Most good Aviation insurers offer Travel insurance for pilots to compliment aircraft cover.

Check the fine print of your policy. Stay fully covered. 

More and more policies give you reduced cover proportionate to a reduced premium. So check!

Travel cover (personal /family) usually includes (in addition to anything stated on your aircraft policy):
Health, hospital, repatriation, theft, loss, money, baggage in aircraft, legal, search & rescue, car hire waiver, money, ipad, iphone etceteras.








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