Keep in Touch

How do you keep it touch with what is happening in the Europa world?  As we noted in the introduction to the club “The objective of the Europa Club is to bring together as many builders and operators as possible, to share knowledge and experience for mutual benefit”. How you get involved will be governed by your inclination, your time and the resources you have available. What we try to offer is outlined below.

The Europa Flyer

This is our full colour, 20 page, newsletter published three times a year. It is published at great expense on paper (we think members like to read it in bed) and on line. All back copies are available on line.

The Internet

  1. Europa Club website - Well, you have already found this or you would not be here. We are always looking for contributions so let us know what you want added.
  2. Discussion Forum - Members and non-members alike are welcome to join the Forum to discuss building, flying and owning a Europa. Access is normally available via both email and a browser interface. Details on joining are here. This is the place to ask a question or raise an issue. Among the forum members there is usually someone who knows, or knows a man who knows, the answer. Being worldwide you may get an answer to a question very quickly when all your local support is sensibly asleep.
  3. Photo Gallery - Steve Dunsmuir in the United States provides a Gallery facilities to users. This is called and includes about 18000 pictures provided by builders and Builders stories.
  4. Personal Galleries - Many builders have produced their own web sites detailing their journey through building a Europa. By looking at what others have done,  you may find the solution you have been looking for. The Club tries to keep the lists updated but being personal they may not always be up to date, or links may no longer work.
  5. Other matters, email the Club Secretary :

Meet your Neighbours

  1. Shows and events - Where possible the Club attempts to have a presence at the major national events where members can get a coffee and chat with the committee and other members. In addition, the Club AGM will be held at one of these events or at a seperately promoted fly in.
  2. DOTHs - When possible the Club promotes “drop of the hat” (DOTH) fly ins. These are usually arranged no more than a day or two in advance on the basis of “lets meet for lunch at ——“. This is a good opportunity to meet other owners and share experiences. This  works well in the UK where distances are relatively short and on occations we have had 17 aircraft turn up to an event of this type.
  3. Seminars - Approximately yearly the Club organises technical seminars about the Europa. These normally have a specific theme and are advertised in the Europa Flyer and via the internet.
  4. Your Locals - The Club actively seeks to put members in touch with their geographic neighbours (with your consent of course). It is surprising how often we can put you in touch with someone who may choose to help with information, the right tool or a two person job.
  5. Email contact? Contact the Club secretary: