Matronics Europa Forum

Europa Discussion Forum

Members and non-members alike are welcome to join the Forum to discuss building, flying and owning a Europa. Those who prefer email can partake by email, those who prefer a browser interface can do so that way. Both means access the same information, giving you total flexibility even when you’re away from home and using a public Internet service. (NB the browser interface is temporarily unavailable at March 2012).

This is the place to ask a question or raise an issue. Among the forum members there is usually someone who knows, or knows a man who knows, the answer.

The topics covered are many and varied so do not hesitate to ask your question. We are a polite bunch and even if the answer is to reread the manual you will get a reply pointing you to the correct page or diagram. Conversely you may have a question with no simple answer or subject to differing opinions. Then you will probably spark a worthwhile discussion which will leave you better informed to make your final decision.

We do ask that you refrain from blatant advertising but do not be inhibited from stating your aircraft (or parts) is for sale or telling us about goods and services you have found useful. Similarly politics except for issues specifically effecting aviation is something we try to avoid. The Forum is monitored by the Club Committee and Europa Technical support (Bud Yerly) so we do try to ensure poor advice is not circulated.

Email Version

The email version of the Forum is hosted by Matronics, a small avionics business based in California whose proprietor, Matt Dralle, also operates hosts for nearly 50 homebuilder and other special-interest aviation groups like ours, including the well-known AeroElectric-List. The reliability record is excellent, as is the effort expended to keep out spammers and suppress viruses. These lists are user-supported and each year, in November, Matt sends out fund-raising messages soliciting contributions to the running costs of the lists. These are voluntary.

All postings to the forum are automatically emailed to all subscribers. Only subscribers can post to the forum however, to protect you from spam. Subscribing is very simple (see below) – you can, of course, unsubscribe at any time.


You can subscribe to the email Forum either in “real time” or by receiving a daily “digest” of the messages. If you just want to be aware of what is going on the single daily “digest” message is fine. If you are involved in a discussion then you will probably want the messages in “real time”.

Go to the web page On the right you will find instructions on how to join. On the left you will see a list of all the forums. Tick the “Europa” box. You will be asked to supply your email address. Only this address will be allowed to send messages back to the Forum.

Cancelling your subscription (“Unsubscribing”)

To unsubscribe, follow the instructions above but select the unsubscribe.

Browser-based Version Matronics provides web browser access to the last seven days messages. The Europa record is available here. Version

Browser access is temporarily unavailable (March 2012) but the Photo Gallery is accessible. was built and is maintained by Steve Dunsmuir. This provided a browser interface to the same information as the Matronics email list with an number of additional facilities including;-

  1. About 18000 pictures provided by builders
  2. Builders stories
  3. Attachments to postings (these also work for recipients using the email version)
  4. A ‘builders log’ facility where you can record your log, with pictures if you choose
  5. A searchable archive of previous postings to the Forum

The above are provided free-of-charge by the Europa Club as a service to the global Europa community.