Many builders have produced personal records of their build. These cover areas of interest to them and while most cover the building process others concentrate of flying the aircraft. The contents may be all pictures and no text or text and no pictures or both. Thanks to the efforts of Steve Dunsmuir (builder of kit A217) some 40 of these personal galleries are available on: - 40 personal galleries with some 18,000 pictures.

Some galleries are stored on individuals own sites. Listed below are the personal galies we know about not stored on the Please contact the Club Web manager if you would like yours added.

015 – G-ZTED Ted Gladstone and Justin Kennedy
123 PH-ZZZ Stef Loup
264 PH-BGV Henk Rollfs of Roelofs & Bart Veldhuizen
272 – ZK-TSK Tony Krzyzewski in New Zealand. Possibly the site that has attracted more aspiring Europa builders than any other
279 G-SELF South-East London Flying Group
313 OY-RAF Jens Willumsen
351 Andrew Richardson
384 G-FIZZY Gerry Holland
435 – G-ROWI Rowland Carson
462 Rick Sivier
554 – G-SUSE Patrick Tunney
556 – G-CHOX Peter Field, Trigear
615 PH-GLZ Jeroen Glazener
617 G_IRPW Richard Wheelwright
A030 N841E Lynn Elsner
A036 Chuck Popenoe, details of the fuselage cradle he developed
A055 N55XS Jeffery Behrnes
A224 Ira Rampil
A259 Dean Wiegand