Rescue Service

The Rescue Service is available to all members of the club. The service is offered by the Europa Club to its members, by its members on an international basis. All participants are volunteers who have offered their services and/or facilities to other members in difficulties. Volunteers currently cover France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Canada and the USA.


How to request help

Simply call a committee member, using the list in the front of the Europa Flyer (so carry one with you in your plane at all times!). They will endeavour to put you in touch with one or more volunteers, who can assist, near your location.

What is available?

Whatever the volunteers are prepared to offer. This could include use of a trailer, access to a workshop, tools, loan of parts, technical help, ferrying parts/people, accommodation, translation service, food, tea, coffee, beer or just sympathy. We will do all we can to get you on your way, but there are no guarantees. In reality, for most of us, a call for help will be a rare occasion.

Many members offer an open invitation to visiting Europa pilots just for a chat and a beer, so many new contacts and friends can be made through the service.

What does it cost?

No charge will be made for the service, but any expenses incurred by the club or a volunteer must be paid by the person using the service. Volunteers are not expected to charge for their time and effort. Any expenses they incur as a direct result of helping should be reimbursed without the need for them to ask. This is similar to the way LAA inspectors work in the UK. If volunteers are left out of pocket after putting themselves out to help, then they will not be to keen to help again – don’t abuse the service!

Availability and use of spare parts

The Club holds a small stock of available spare parts. In addition, members may be prepared to make available parts they have not yet used if this will get an aircraft back flying. Any parts supplied under this service must be REPLACED and delivered back to the depot/owner. The user is responsible for any carriage cost for both the outward and inward delivery.

There will be one parts depot initially which will be at Laddingford airfield in Kent. This location is strategic for serving continental travellers and UK owners.

If you have any spare parts or equipment that you think would be useful to the Rescue Service and you are prepared to donate, loan or sell to the club please click here to contact the Membership Secretary with your offer.

Joining the volunteer list

You can get involved as much or as little as you like. An offer to make a few phone calls or give a lift to a local hotel is just as valuable as being able fly across the channel with parts or to turn up at the scene of crime with a trailer or mobile workshop. We do not expect volunteers to be ‘on call’ 24/7, waiting to go to the rescue. If you get a call and you can’t help, or it’s simply not convenient, you are under no obligation.

Because of obvious concerns about having personal details posted on a list and made available to everyone, the full list of volunteers will only be available to committee members. Anyone needing help can contact any member of the committee who will release details to him or her of volunteers likely to be able to help. All the committee members’ details including mobile phones numbers are printed on the inside front cover of the Europa Flyer, so make sure you have a copy with you in the plane.

If you would be willing to join the volunteer list, please click here to contact the Membership Secretary with your offer.

LAA Inspectors

We are also compiling a list of inspectors who are prepared to travel out to inspect stricken aircraft if required, which will also be made available via a committee members.