The plane cruises at 125 knots (140 mph) and has a top speed of 136 knots (154 mph) all indicated airspeed. It burns about 5 gallons per hour of either 100 LL (aviation gas) or 93 octane car gas. It climbs at about 800 fpm with one passenger and 400-500 with two and luggage. It is very stable in flight, to where the two axis auto-pilot is redundant. The plane is equipped with a full IFR set of instruments in a glass cockpit environment, with “steam” gauge backups. It is equipped for soaring with optional long wings (50 foot wingspan instead of 26 foot standard wings. The glider wings should be completed by next summer (2013) and will allow soaring (flying with engine off) with an (advertised) 27 L/D.


Kit A237 Fuse Type XS Prop AP 332
Registration N388SG Wing Moulded/Glider Build 2500+ Hours
Status Flying U/C Trigear Weight 1005lb
LAA Project N/A Engine 912S Based Hangered