Build Manuals

The build manuals for the Europa have gone through many changes since the aircraft was introduced. These were necessary to improve explanations, correct errors, introduce improvements and explain new techniques. You need to know a little of the history of the aircraft to find the applicable manual (see Classic or XS).

The manual for the XS, the current version of the aircraft, divided into chapters, is in the section “Combined build Manual” also know as the “CBM”. It is “combined” in that it covers both the monowheel and Trigear versions. Chapters marked (M) and (T) cover the monowheel and Trigear respectively. You will only need the version applicable to your aircraft. Always check the corrections file.

The original aircraft, which we refer to as the “Classic”, had wings made from foam cores, a foam core fin and the engine cowling was included. Much of the “Combined Manual” is applicable to these aircraft and the Classic Manual covers those areas which differ.

The standard Rotax engine installation (also know as “Firewall Forward”) is covered by two manuals, XS 912s and XS 914 covering the 912 and 914 engines respectively.

A supplementary manual Motor Glider covers additions for the Motor Glider and should be read in conjunction with the CBM.

Very recent kits are supplied with moulded (rather than foam core) components for the rudder, tailplane, flaps and ailerons. These are know as “Next Generation” components and are covered by 5 additional chapters labelled “CBM x NG”. These are also available as a single supplement “CBM -NG Supplement” should be read in conjunction with the appropriate chapter of the CBM.

The installation instructions for the Upholstery kit (it does not have a Mod number) is included.

Three versions of the pilots operating handbook are available for the Mono, Trigear and Motorglider respectively.

Club members have produced two additional files (Pages Index and Parts Index) which can help to find a particular part or how to fit it. They were generated for an earlier Monowheel version of the manuals but can be helpful.