Wiring & Lighting

For electronic instruments, radios etc please see Panel & Instruments.

Electrical Load Values Useful reference for power consumption
Mike Gregory’s talk on Europa wiring.

General Aircraft Wiring

AeroElectric Connection The font of all knowledge on aircraft electrics
LAS Aircraft Parts, UK based, also Aircraft SDpruce agent
Adams Aviation UK aircraft parts supplier
Ray Allen Company Trim systems, servo, stick grips
Composite Design wiring looms for aircraft
Hellroaring Technologies Battery isolators, solid state relays
Sensata (Klixon) circuit breakers
Terminal Town US supplier of terminals
B & C Specialty add on alternators

Aviation Lighting (Whelen) Good but expensive
The LedLight general source of LED lights
Lumileds Philips LED lighting

Electronic components and hardware

RS Components UK, Electronics, pnumatics, cable, connectors hardware
Farnell/CPC (electrics) UK, Electronics, cable, connectors hardware
All Electronics US, CA Electronics, cable, connectors
Allied Electronics US, Texas, Electronic components and hardware
Digi-Key US Components
Flight Cell NZ based pilot shop
Keystone Electronics Connector, hardware
MPJA Electronic components, Florida
PAVE Technology Connectors
Strikalite Batteries