Country Specific Information

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European Country Briefing

Flying in Europe Offers AIS, AIP, Notams, Self Briefing Services, Airport Details and CAA contact details for most European countries. The well constructed site: has airfield plates for all commercial airfields in Europe together with AIS access.

Sunset & Sunrise Times: Easy point & click for whole world


Airservices Australia produce an eAIP


Airfield and other info in the  eAIP

Map of Mogas availability.
Noise Certificates may be required in Austria.
Weather, Notam & FPL services available free at
Registration is needed but it is quick and free.


We are delighted to say that in 2017 Belgium abandoned its insistance on Permit aircraft seeking permssion to fly there and then charging over 90 euros to grant permssion! The eAIP gives access to all information including airfield charts


NavCanada publishes an eAIP

Brilliant Weather & Notam system at NavCanada

Czech Republic

Ther Czech CAA publish a very user friendly eAIP which includes airfield plates and a VFR manual


Full AIP available free at


Excellent eAIP


Great service from the French SIA.  For airfield plates go to VAC Atlas at link below
AIP & Notams
Airfield Plates  


IMPORTANT CUSTOMS CHANGES: The SIA withdrew Customs from 22 GA airfields in 2012. Since it is obligatory to land at a customs airfield if flying in from UK or any other non Schengen country, it is essential to check customs availability carefully before departure, and flight guides are almost certain to be out of date! Current status can be checked on the ‘Airfield Plates’ link above, but Notams should also be checked. Note that a high proportion of airfields which do provide Customs services require a number of hours notice.

A map of airfields offering UL91 can be found Here


I have not been able to find a free on line EAIP

Mogas Availability
Noise Certificates may be required in Germany
Foreign Pilot Information
Airport Weather


A real delight to fly into, if winds acceptable. No Avgas, and sadly they have recently stopped you going to the garage only 300yds from airfield for Mogas.


Previously very difficult to access information. HCAA now offers access to their AIP AIS & airfield info.


eAIP available


We have found that officialdom can be very irksome if you fly into Italy from a non Schengen country (including Switzerland) – to be avoided, although once past the entry airfield the country is a delight to fly in. In 2012 the Italian Government introduced sizeable ‘Luxury’ taxes on all private aircraft, including foreign registered visiting aircraft, but visiting GA aircraft are not  subject to these taxes unless they stay longer than 45 days.

Their eAIP is only available through EAD and needs registration


Since 2016 the Netherlands have required planes entering or leaving from or to a non Schengen country to fill in a GAR or Gendec form, with at least 2 hrs notice. They have set up a free system to do this online and this system also works for the UK GAR submission Details at:

Airfield plates and other info can be found at Dutch AIS has weather, notam & FPL facilities but only for registered residents.

New Zealand

eAIP available


The Norway AIP 


Registration needed to access eAIP

Airfield plates available HERE

Excellent VFR guide at CAVOK

Slovak Republic

Registration needed for eAIP


eAIP available


Spain is a great place for touring and recent trips have found no difficulties with refuelling, although it is advisable to have stickers saying Mogas, UL91 or Avgas next to your filler cap. Spain publishes its eAIP  You can select English only after you have clicked on the AIP latest version link. Spain still requires Permit aircraft to seek permission before flying to the country and there is a Permission Form (See link at the bottom of this page) which should be  emailed to the address on the form a few weeks ahead of the trip. It is as well to opt for dates giving a good margin either side of your actual planned trip. 


LVF  offers  weather, notam and FPL servies for all Scandinavia, but weather generally undecoded reports. Registration necessary.  eAIP available


Skyguide offers Swiss information but not airfield plates

Noise Certificates may be required

United Kingdom

Flying in UK from Abroad.
For airfield plates go to the NATS site and follow ‘IAIP’ > ‘Aerodrome Index’. Info on Danger & Retricted areas, Notams, etc also available on this site.

United States

Excellent range of weather services from Jeppesen
Good Weather Radar from Accuweather
Weather & 6/7 synoptic forecast NOAA