Flying Program 2018

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David Joyce

David Joyce

The Europa has proved to be the perfect touring plane for me, and I have derived immense satisfaction from the many Europa Club trips I have been on round Europe, so it was a pleasure to become Trips Coordinator and look after future trips.

Flying Experience

Many hours of flying models in my youth! 25 years of gliding, flying 30 different gliders. 1250 hours over 17 years PPL-A & TMG in 21 types of powered plane. Owned Falke and RS4 motorgliders. Five years and 132 hours of glider tugging (an awful lot of take off and landings!) in Pawnee, Bellanca Scout and Cub – all tail draggers. Have much enjoyed doing Mountain/Altiport rating and aerobatics (AOPA certificate). Of the 50+ types of aircraft I have flown only the RS4 and my DG300 glider come close to equalling the Europa for sheer flying pleasure!

Special Skills/Experience

Not a lot that one can talk about in polite company (much of my working life was devoted to getting 10,000 women pregnant!) I do have some aptitude and special tools for doing things in confined spaces!

Aircraft, and Current Status

Kit 402, work began 1 Jan 1999, having retired the night before. With background in gliding & tail-daggers it had to be a mono, and no regrets since. Did absolutely everything myself except spray the gel coat on. Finished Spring 2002, and 800+ hrs flown since. Have flown it to 20+ countries. Built a 115 litre long range tank and did a major uprate of panel in preparation for flying to Australia in 2009, but that plan shelved when my son developed Motor Neurone Disease. Have since had a number of exciting trips with him including to the North Cape.