Getting Notams:

You may well be able to get a list of Notams from your home airfield or flying club, but these are likely to come in printed form without any easy indication of where they relate to relative to your route.  Modern systems such as that supplied by Sky Demon have made life so much easier by indicating the activity area of each Notam on the map of yopur route.

Needs registration, not user friendly

Superb user friendly French site, no registration

Good German site, easy free registration

Sky Demon Light
Excellent free site but for UK only.

Sky Demon
The Sky Demon subscription service works superbly both in the UK and on the continent, listing all relevant Notams for any route you put in and in addition having an easy highlighting feature showing you exactly where each Notam is active on the chart. This is of course on top of its current chart provision, flight planning, flight plan submission, weather finding and in flight moving map GPS functions.

Other Important Information:

In UK for Royal Flights & TRAs (temporary restricted areas)
Telephone 0500354802 in UK or 0044 2087 503939 from abroad