Flight Radar 24 Blocking requests. European Data Protection Law

Flight Radar 24 Blocking requests. European Data Protection Law

Monday 30th April 2018

The Europa Club received the following helpful information from Sweden based Flight Radar 24. Following a European Data Protection Law question. ADSB, Flarm etc., and certain Mode C and S; information appears on the Flight Radar 24 website. Consequently data is available in the public domain in addition to the original flight safety and regulatory requirement. The default is to display all available information that is not blocked by the Aircraft Owner. The data includes  at least 12 months of historical flight information for each aircraft available on free and premium packages available to be the general public. The detail includes the entire track, heights, transponder codes, start and finish airfields etc. The service is also available at close to real time. So if you don’t want your information displayed contact each of the organisations and tell them so. Flightradar24, Flightaware, Passur. Other platforms appear from time to time. Currently onus is on the owner to opt out. Noting that Data Protection requirements in non EU countries are different.



Blocking Requests: In order to proceed with this blocking request, we will need to receive from you the registration number, hex-code and proof of ownership of the aircraft in question. This information is required to avoid unlawful requests and to make sure we are communicating with the owner of the aircraft.

After successful blocking, we won´t show information such as flight number, callsign, registration, hex code, owner/airline and the real photo of your aircraft. Instead, your aircraft will be represented on the map such as in this example:

Unblocking request: We'll need aircraft registration, Mode S/Hex Code and any official document as proof of ownership. This way, the aircraft will be visible for all the users.

For a standard request, this process is free of charge and will be done in 30 days. However, if your blocking request is urgent, we can also offer an Express Service for 500 USD, + 50 USD per additional tail. For this service, we will proceed with the blocking request immediately after we have received and confirmed all of the required information described above.

Additionally, we also offer a Selective Unblocking service to our private customers. This would give you or your organization the ability to track your aircraft within your personal Business Account, whilst the aircraft details remain hidden from public view. This service is an add-on to our business subscriptions (as described here: https://www.flightradar24.com/premium/#compare

 that enables you to view the full aircraft and flight tracking details of your private aircraft within your personal account whilst the same details remain hidden from public view.

If you would like to trial this service we can set up a 7-day selective-unblocking trial free of charge once we have received/confirmed your proof of aircraft ownership information. If you would like to continue after the trial, the pricing is as follows:

First Aircraft: Unblocked within an annual business subscription free of charge
Additional Aircraft: $25/month/tail

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