LAA symposium

LAA symposium

Sunday 4th November 2018


At the newly created LAA symposium, Turweston, yesterday:

The Europa Club participated, together with most of the other Strut and Type Club representatives.

In this initiative the LAA clearly wanted to be certain that they were effectively in two way communication  with the Type Clubs and Struts. Great awareness of activity. Current and future.

Help for the members; existing and prospective, help for the Struts and Type Clubs

A need to attract new members to an existing aging LAA membership demographic. Help to inspire future pilots from six years old to thirty years old. 

A tour of the many offices, training rooms, archives, reception and lecture rooms gave an exciting taste of their current activities, workload and plans for the future. Many of which can be triggered by Struts and Type Clubs.

Legacy money is available that needs to be spent wisely. 

The LAA succeeded in their intention to give a heads up on potential future training activities and opportunities to improve communication. A realistic aviation related First Aid Course taster presentation took place. But many, many other opportunities were outlined for consideration by the Various Strut and Type Club Committees. 

The Europa Club Committee is happy to receive your thoughts and ideas.

More details to come in the Europa Flyer magazine and on the LAA website.


The Europa Club thanks LAA CEO Steve Slater and his team for their efforts.

Neil Wilson (Advertising and Marketing) and introducing Dave Millin Director in his role of Strut liaison.

The Europa Club was represented on this occasion by Bob Hitchcock and Mike Gregory.


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