Missiles and bombs

Missiles and bombs

Saturday 5th January 2019

A recent news announcement reminds of an old untitled black and white provocative picture. A Europa fitted with dummy missiles.

Fantasy versus factual. There is a new device on the market. It looks like a bomb and is called a Bom. But is actually an innovation relating to cockpit instrumentation.


Read the Levil Aviation News announcement.


“Levil Aviation is excited to announce the BOM (Broadcasting Outer Module). This revolutionary avionics solution allows you to have a complete instrument panel without putting a single wire! The BOM is the first and only aerodynamic pod that mounts under the wing of the aircraft and uses wind to power itself. All components are incorporated into the BOM such as AHRS, GPS, ADS-B in, AoA, Data Recording and pressure sensors, making it fully independent, wireless and the perfect platform for innovation, setting the stage for the future of aviation.”


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