News from America of two Europa with Frame cracking issues

News from America of two Europa with Frame cracking issues

Wednesday 14th November 2018

News from America of two Europas with undercarriage frame cracking issues. Europa Club are alerting Swift Aviation and the LAA

Jim Butcher discovered a potential safety issue and wanted to share this so That others become aware of the situation and could inspect their aircraft.

Jim said : “We are in the process of our annual condition inspection on our mono wheel.  This year is extensive since motor mounts and bungee cord need replaced.  After being alerted by John Wigney of possible cracks in the lower tubes of the LG frame, we inspected and discovered our frame is cracked like his.  The cracks are very difficult to find as they are somewhat hidden by the firewall and behind the vertical tubes of the frame.  Using John’s photos, a strong light, and magnifying glass, we were able to see a crack in the starboard tube.  A photo with our iPad actually gave the best indication of a crack.  A dye penetrant test confirmed the crack.  The crack in the port tube wasnt evident until the powder
coat was removed.  The attached document has good photos of John’s cracks.

Our mono wheel kit was purchased April 2000, kit A185 and has 975 hours.  

The Europa Club is alerting Swift Aviation and the Light Aviation Association 

Posted by Bob Hitchcock by direction of the Europa Committee