Texel 25 inspiration

Texel 25 inspiration

Thursday 28th June 2018

For those who missed Turweston, fly your bird to the Flyin at Texel during the Texel Flyin from August 24th till August 26th. After passing the Dutch coast line, all you have to do is follow it below 1500 ft all the way to Texel. Just request a crossing clearance for Den Helder De Kooy CTR and proceed to Texel EHTX, the most friendly airport in the Netherlands. Camping will be for free that weekend. Showers and toilets will be available for Europa Owners for free. The restaurant will arrange enough food and serve a BBQ at the Saturday evening. My wife Monique and Jacqueline Roelofs will be available with cars to drive as taxi for Europa members. Ivan will tell us his story again at Texel, not only for Europa Club Members, but also for other GA participants. Let's celebrate 25 years of the Europa once more. We're looking forward to see you all again, keep the blue side up.

Tim Weert



registration website www.texelflyin.


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