The website viewing experience. April to July 2018

Monday 23rd April 2018

The Europa website uses some of the very latest file types and language. Consequently it is important that the site is enjoyed using the best of your nominated browser and operating system. For some Windows Users there is specific advice to force change to cache memory  to ensure that the latest version of the Microsoft operating system applies. It seems some browsers have early implemented changes not due until July 2018. 

Difficulty launching a new page from Home Screen: You can force your browser to get the latest copy of the stylesheet by doing a hard refresh, to do that all you need to do is visit the website and press the following keys:

Internet Explorer or Edge: CTRL + F5
Firefox or Chrome: CTRL + SHIFT + R

Site not Secure” warning, this is a new message that browsers have started implementing to show that a website isn’t using HTTPS, these messages weren’t due to be displayed until July but some browsers have already started doing it. We have a schedule in place to migrate sites over to HTTPS. The Europa website is due to be migrated in May 2018.


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