Ground handling & Trailers

Ground handling

Handling is sometimes overlooked when considering a Europa. Even the simple requirement to move the aircraft can be made much easier by the use of a proper tow bar. When you do get a puncture do you have the right equipment to safely jack the aircraft and remove the wheel. When it come to rigging/derigging the aircraft and the desire to achieve single handed rigging by some owners a number of schemes have been proposed.


We are still trying to design the perfect trailers for our aircraft. We hope we can develope various designs so, to get you thinking, here is the layout of G-IANI trailer:

Nigel Graham

Nigel Graham

Responsible For

Club treasurer and modification information.

Flying Experience

PPL (FAA) “Single Engine Land and Sea” with a “Complex” endorsement. 250 hours, of which 125 hours on Tiger Moths. Amphibious Super Cub, 250hp Maul amphib.

My most memorable flights are every minute in a Tiger Moth, beating up Kemble in an Antinov AN2, flying at ten feet inverted over a reservoir in California in a Stearman.

Special Skills/Experience

I trained as an avionics technician, building airborne radar units. This was followed by a career in the Electronics industry.

I developed good composite skills building fiberglass canoes as a hobby and this later came in handy when I purchased my Europa. I developed a good mechanical aptitude with my first British motorcycle, which broke down every week. My love of motorcycles, particularly old ones, has endured to this day. I restore these when I should be building my Europa.


Eastleigh, Hampshire

Aircraft, and Current Status

Kits 147. I am attempting to gain the record for the longest Europa build time whilst simultaneously achieving the “Most Modified Europa” award.