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Equipment Loans, Services and Sales

The Club owns some equipment which is required infrequently when building or operating the aircraft. These are made available free of charge but members pay return postage and agree to pay repairs if found necessary following loan. Additional items are purchased when the committee decides they will be useful to members.

In addition the Club can provide prop balancing and weight and balance services at costs lower than available commercially.

In addition some Club members are willing to loan out specialist equipment to other members. These are items such as jigs which are only used once or rarely. Contact a Committee member if you have a particular requirement or advertise on the internet Forum.

If there is something specific you need please ask as we may know of one coming available. Contact the Mods support Nigel Graham.

Loan Engineering Equipment

Details of the scheme and the equipment available 

Loan Touring Equipment

  1. Dinghy
  2. Life jackets - Contact David Joyce
  3. Touring spares kit (small parts that, hopefully, will not break while touring aboard) 0 Contact Modifications Support Nigel Graham

Club Engineering Services

  1. Prop Balancing
  2. Weight and balance service - Contact Pete Jeffers (A charge is made for these services, Prop balancing costs approximately £75)