LAA Sandard Mods have been carefully documented and are fully approved by the LAA. Many have been produced by the Club but they can be produced by anyone who is perpared to test and document the modification to the required standards. You may install the mod and it can be signed for by your local inspector.
Standard mods are also available via the LAA web site.

LAA Standard Mods for the Europa

SM10401/2 Fitting strobes.
SM10402/1 Panel, removable sub panels
SM10403/1 Seat lockers
SM10404/1 Over voltage protection
SM10405/1 Cowl attachment with Southco fastners
SM10447/1 Capacitance fuel gauge
SM10661/2 Outrigger modification
SM10672/1 Improved TP5 location
SM10713/1 Wing Conduit installation
SM11321/1 Anti shock mount for panel
SM11324 /1 Direct vision panel
SM11362/1 Revised (Tropical) oil/water cooler air intake
SM11414/1 Graham Singleton’s pushrod rudder drive. Superseded by Mod 77
SM10507/4 Roll autopilot. Superseded by Mod 75
SM12209-2 Fuel flow sensing (including FT-60 Red Cube)
SM11906/1 Torque Tube Clamps
SM13342-1 Andair fuel valve install (Clasic & XS)

LAA Standard Mods for Rotax applicable to the Europa

SM12305/1 91X series Soft start Module
SM10427/1 91X series Carburettor Heater (water)
SM12793/1 91X series “Permacool 1060” Thermostatic Oil Bypass Valve.
SM12915/1 91X series” “COL-021 or COL-030” Thermostatic Coolant Oil Bypass Valve
SM12808/1 91x series “ThermoStasis P6-H” thermostatic oil bypass valve
SM12970/1 91x series “Schicke” GR6 regulator