For Builders

What is a Europa? Well it is an aircraft which you have built and cleared with the appropriate regulatory authority. It is based on a kit of parts manufactured by Europa Aircraft but there are many differences in individual aircraft based on the owners requirements and bank balance. You must also be aware of which model you have Classic or XS.

The bureaucrat’s view of the world is that all you need to do is buy the kit and follow the Combined Build Manuals (CBM) provided to create a “standard” Europa. “Standard” is defined by the TADS document controlled by the LAA (EUROPA or EUROPA XS). We also have to pay attention to various mandatory requirements placed on us by the regulators (MPDs and AILs) and the Europa Factory service bulletins (SBs). Even with the explanations we have tried to provide (see Europa Mods and SBs) finding your way through all this is more than a little daunting. And do not forget that some information never made it to the CBM and is only available in the Tech-Talk section of the Factory news lettters.

In the real world you will have made the basic choice (mono, Trigear) but you will be presented with a list of options (speed kit, Hi-Top etc) which are available as factory Mods. There are also modifications, developed by builders, fully documented and approved by the LAA which you might want to consider LAA Standard Mods. Lastly there are many additional mods, less well documented and involving a little more paperwork, which you might decide would improve your aircraft (Useful Mods).

After that the sky really is the limit in terms of what somebody has and you could do to you kit aircraft. We cover this with sections organised under the various logical parts of the aircraft and attempts to give you as much information as possible about what others have done while building their aircraft. Under each heading you will also find links to the appropriate mods and bureaucratic bits that are applicable.