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About the Europa Club


The Club has always enjoyed a comfortable relationship with the Europa Aircraft Company, and now with Swift Aircraft Ltd., the parent company, but the Europa Club is completely independent of the company.The Europa Club was formed in February 1994 under the then PFA/now LAA type-club rules and the Constitution reflects those beginnings.  The founder members planned to bring together both existing and prospective Europa builders in an independent forum for discussion and action on issues concerned with the building and flying of Europa aircraft.  Worldwide membership stands at over 350.


The objective of the Europa Club is to bring together as many builders and operators as possible, to share knowledge and experience for mutual benefit.  This is achieved through the  newsletter, The Europa Flyer published three times a year, by face-to-face contact at meetings, seminars and fly-ins; and on the Matronics forum.  You will find more details on this in Keep in touch.

In addition the Club organises a Rescue Service which we hope our member never have to use, organises the loan of infrequently used tools (Tool Loans) and provides an area to advertise aircraft parts (Sales) which are no longer required.  There is more detail on these facilities here.


As noted above the Club is a “Type” Club under the auspices of the LAA.  More details on this are available here.  The Club is managed by a committee appointed by the members.  Detailed information on being a member is available here and a list of members (available only to members) is available here.