Instrument flying in a Europa

Instrument flying in a Europa

A high quality Europa is a wonderfully capable and stable aircraft. Usually comfortable in VMC, Marginal VMC and for some IMC. 


The potential for IMC and night flying is described here in a link to a 2017 summary written by Steve Slater, Chief Executive Officer of the LAA:

Make sure you are suitably qualified / current to fly in non VMC conditions!

Clearly a full Instrument Rating is the ultimate commercial qualification. Nevertheless the UK IR(R) EASA  is considered to be a very attractive and less costly and more relevent alternative for the sport pilot. The standard EASA PPL already includes the potential to include IR(R) endorsments. The UK IMC rating is equivalent to the IR (Restricted) which can be put onto an EASA licence. Once you have obtained the UK IMC rating you may apply to the UK CAA to have an IR (Restricted) endorsed on your EASA licence


2019 should bring in the EASA Basic Instrument Rating to access  instrument flying for Annexe II and other qualifying aircraft. It should have requirements the same as the IR(R) but would  be usable throughout all EASA countries and with an advantage beyond the IR(R), to include airways flying. The BIR should demand less strenuous requirements than either the Competency-Based IR (CB-IR) or IR, and there should be a credit for existing IR(R) holders.

Talk to your instructor, why not train for that IR(R) in preparation for the BIR now?




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2019 Light Aviation Association Rally, Sywell Aerodrome, United Kingdom.


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The Europa Club is a group of individuals drawn together by their interest in the Europa kit aircraft. They include builders, pilots, and those who simply want to know more about the Europa type. The Europa Club is registered as a Type Club of the Light Aircraft Association of the UK. This gives the club access to a wide range of benefits

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