The Europa Club is a “Type” club under the rules of the LAA and is pleased to be a strong voice supporting general aviation.

The Light Aircraft Association of the UK is a not-for-profit association, owned by its members, providing airworthiness services under direct delegation from the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority. They represent the aviation interests of over 8,000 pilot, amateur builder, vintage aircraft owner and enthusiast members, providing sector-leading consultation and lobbying on UK and European aviation regulatory matters. With over 2,500 operational aircraft, including 500 microlights and 100 autogyros, and another 1,700 aircraft under construction, Their technical competence is second to none, worldwide.

In addition to the core airworthiness services, they have a nationwide network of pilot coaches, each familiar with a wide range of light aircraft types and their operation, and also provide technical courses spanning aircraft construction and maintenance aspects. They provide a professionally-produced monthly full-colour member’s magazine and support a nationwide social network of clubs (struts) who organise regular meetings and fly-ins. The annual LAA Rally, held over a weekend each September, has attracted close to two thousand visiting aircraft and represent the single largest such event in Europe.