Tank 2 Detailed drawing of fuel tank
Fuel Tank Repair Scheme How to repair if, heavan forbid, you tank breaks
Long Range tank Mod 53 NOT approved for UK use

Filler and Vents

Skin Wrinking Due to the fuel filler
XS - AL Filler Bend Metal bend for XS
Mod 13070 Metal filler pipe for Classic the (original rubber pipe is no longer available)
Fuel Vent Vent into fuel filler, Also see Custom Flight Creations

Fuel Cock and Connectors

Spec Andair Fuel Valve How to specify an Andair fuel cock
Andair FS20 Specification sheet for Andair FS20 valves
Thermobarb Brass Connectors Thermobarb brass fittings
Clips & Clamps Catalog Fittings clips and clamps, See Oetiker clips
CPC Connectors Quick disconnect connectors

Fuel Measurement, Content, Flow and Pressure

Fuel Flow Background and details on the FloScan and FT-60
SM12209 Installation of FlowScan flow transducers
12350 Fuel Pressure sensing (For Dynon)
LP Switch Low Pressure switch installation