Mandatory Permit Directives are issued by the CAA if a serious issue arrises with the aircraft. They may be a simple instruction, such as not to fly the aircraft, but may cover the solution to the probleam. In the cases where they do not offer a solution then this must be found in the appropriate factory SB or modifications.

MPD2000-008 Nose gear leg to housing reinforcement (Europa mod 57 issue 3).

MPD2005-004 Tailplane mass balance arm replacement (Europa mod 70).

MPD2007-004 Landing Gear Frame Reinforcement (Europa mod 72).

MPD2007-005 Mandating FSB LAA 247-006-Iss 4 (tailplane flutter and retention).

MPD2007-006 Mandating FSB LAA 247-007 (wing attachment) Classic Only, (Europa Mod 74).

Airworthiness Information Leaflets are raised by the LAA when a lesser issue arrises and they have the same authority as an MPD. The first seven are also refered to as Flight Safety Bulletins.

PFA-247 FSB001 Tailplane attachments: check for signs of looseness indicating dis-bonding of TP6 bush.

PFA-247 FSB002 a)Vertical play in tailplane mass balance a, b) fuel smell in cockpit, c) wear in pivot bolt holes in outriggers, d) wear in bolt holes at attachment of undercarriage/flap retraction lever, e) wear in rudder cables at rudder cable fairleads in wheel well, f) looseness developing in front mounting bolt of tailwheel spring attachment to fuselage.

PFA-247 FSB003 Problems with the NSI engine installation.

PFA-247 FSB004 XS undercarraige problems, Mono and Tri.

PFA-247 FSB005 Mandatory inspections for wear in the rudder cables in the forward fuselage.

PFA-247 FSB006-4 Mandatory inspection of the tailplane balancing, tailplane slop and tailplane.

PFA-247 FSB007 Mandatory check of rear wing pin attachments in wing root rib hard point, (Europa Classic aircraft only).

LAA MOD/ENG/NSI001 Mandatory repetitive inspections of alternator on NSI engines.

MOD247-008c FOD Risk – Inspection Wing spare socket.

MOD-EQUIP-002 Trio “Gold Standard” Auto-pilot servo.