Useful Mods (Repeat and all of type)

A repeat Mod application can be made for mods specifically designated as “Approved Prototype” Mods. This category has only existed since 1/1/2008. The LAA web site lists 6 modifications in this category none of which are suitable for repeating. At present (Feb 2012) the Club is reviewing the list with the LAA.

Mods prior to 2008 and designated as “All of type” will also be treated as “Repeat” mods. Below are details of the mods we think you will find interesting. You should check the status of any mod you wish to use with the LAA.

All of Type Modifications (THE INTERESTING ONES)

10051 Tailplane pip pin cover
Snd Mod applied for by Europa Club see list above

10175 Throttle Lever Assembly
Left hand throttle in G-DURO.

10178 Fit Gascolator
Being revised. This Gascolator not available. Revision will cover Andair

10247 Fit 912s to Classic
Changes needed to fit 912S to Classic G-OPJK

10297 Door Lock
Std. Mod applied for by Europa Club

10303 Flap Pin Guide
Aid to rigging G-BWVS

10357 Stall Warner
Vane type stall warner

10396 Swiss Taildragger
Taildragger wheels to replace Mono setup

10410 Phenolic removable Firewall
See also 10024,11123. For information PARTS NO LONGER AVAILABLE

10590 Finger Brakes
Using a pair of mono cylinders and supplied foot bracket in Classic

10601 Modification of Centre Tunnel
G-IANI mod, fully documented. Very complex avoid unless needed

10602 Avelec Digital Fuel Gauge
Useful gauge. Also see Mod 60, Mod 10530 and 10447

G-OPJK Throttle Lever Assembly
Left hand throttle in G-OPJK (LAA copy not available).

G-MIME Roof Vents on G-MIME
No LAA number. Roof top air inlets and face vent

10623 Torque Tube Clamps
B. Harrison’s TP9, TP10 clamps on G-PTAG (erratum – new email address

10643 Panel access through firewall
Undesirable approach but possible if essential

10665 Pedal move forward
G-IANI, fully documented

10695 Mono brake on joystick
cable operated to original master cylinder

10707 Wing tie downs
Lighter and cheaper than Factory Mod 69

10986 Heater off cooling duct
Various variations. Worth doing?

11044 LED Nav light in faired wingtip
LEDs have improved since this was produced

11347 Mono brake on joystick
MDO hydraulic master cylinder

11354 Control lock
simple gust lock for parked aircraft

11964 Trigear Finger brake mount
Low cost alternative to factory supplied moulding

11969 TP14 pin replacement
Replace each pins with two short bolts

12016 Trigear Finger brakes
Using a pair of mono cylinders and supplied foot bracket in Classic

12350 Fuel Pressure sensing
Fuel pressure sensor for Dynon installation

12672 Lift reserve indicator
Approved but LAA have reservations over use

12708 Alternate Pitch Autopilot
Pitch servo attached to CS 17 instead of CS10

G-JOST Trigear Duplicate foot brakes
Duplicate foot brakes on STBD side

12978 Alternate Trigear firewall
Delete the Europa firewall by fireproofing the trigear bulkhead

13070 Mono Replacement filler tube
Replacement tube for Europa part no longer available