Anti Corrosion Painting

While building you may wish to apply an anti corrosion treatment to various components. Early kits (pre 530) have steel parts that need corrosion protection. The steel compnents of later kits are cadmium plated (gold coloured) and, in general, do not require further treatment.

Aluminium components are not treated by the Factory. In a harsh environment these components can benefit from Anodising or the similar DIY process Alodin or Alocrm.

Painting the Aircraft

Before you can paint it you have to fill it!!!
If you take a completely unprepared aircraft to a painter to be final filled and painted then you can expect a large bill due to the labour involved. Talk to the painter you are likely to use before yopu start final filling to find out what he expects. Some painter will be happy for you to primer the aircraft (with a compatable undercoat) which can be rollered on. This can result in a considerable cash saving.



As far as registration letters are concerned first you need to know the regulations which are CAP523 in the UK.

The factory offers a Registration letters kit and other decasl such as “NO STEP” etc.

For examples of how other builders have decorated their aircraft look through Photo Gallery.

Rather than painting a design on the aircraft most decorations are self adhesive plastic. These are available from companies that produce them for road vehicles. There is likely to be one local to you. Avoid designs with narrow sections and points. Pointed areas facing forward tend to peel off at 130 knots.