The Flyer Conversion

G-Flyer (Kit No 251)


The 1st Owners was Ian Seager (of Flyer Magazine) with Miles McCallum (Flyer Technical editor) doing the work and writing articals for the magazine. Copies of these articals are

Balistic Parachute

John Wighton did the original engineering analysis on the ballistic chute installation and helped Miles McCallum make the design changes to the FLYER Europa.

They attached the chute strops to the engine frame and the area around the aft pins. The idea being to support the airframe in a level attitude. The installation of the chute cannister was to the D-ring. The straps were to be buried in channels moulded into the skin (therefore making a joggle for all running loads in the fuselage). This was not good and caused local bending which had to be reinforced with more material (thereby increasing the offset/joggle). The loads were high (but controlled due to the BRS furling ring). The exist hatch for the chute was catered for in the usual way – by means of a ring reinforement.

The whole thing had to be designed, stressed and re-designed about 10 times, then BRS changed the cannister shape, etc.

Miles then decided to can it (pun!) and we concentrated on the taildragger (reversed maingear legs) design and sressing. As Ian says the project lives on and will hopefully be completed soon. The aircraft syle is lovely with the reverse raked gear legs, much nicer than the swiss versions l have seen (and without all that weight). A PDF of the layout is available below.

Present owner 2010

Michael Davies
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