Combined Build Manual

CBM Known Corrections

This page contains notes on known errors and omissions in the published documents.

The corrections are retained here until the document is updated.

  1. CBM 8-6  Overtyped. This should read:- plies over them terminating between the plates and the spar.  It is now necessary to lay-up extra plies from the spar to overlap the existing plies.  These plies are made from “bid” and laid up at ±45⁰.  There are 3 plies aft of the spar, and 3 plies forward.  See figure 10.  Note that the first ply extends beyond the inner spar bush centre by 50mm(2”), and should be cut to clear the bush.  The second ply is 45mm(1.7”) short of the bush centre.  The third ply is to stop 70mm(2.7”) short of the bush centre.
  2. CBM 11-5 Trigear bulkhead details. (see download below)
  3. CBM 14-11Wing Spar Socket. (see download below)
  4. CBM 19-8 Step 9, Diagram illustrating the TS05 restraint bulkhead. (see download below)
  5. CBM 22-4, Pulley installation. The bolts may be too long and do not forget to replace nut.
  6. CBM 26-3 “Pin Installation”.  Do not glue the pins in at this stage.
  7. CBM 30-1, Preventing filler tube distorting skin.
  8. CBM 32M-2 & 32T-2  Fig 1. The dimensions above the joint line are given as 7″, 16″ and 25″. The correct values are 4″, 13″ and 22″. IFR 02/2012.
  9. CBM 32T-6 Fig 5. Bolt shown is AN3-10A is too long use -7A.
  10. CBM 33T (Matco) Fig 8. CBM 33T (Matco) revised  to eliminate contact between the levers and the mount bracket. Draft available. IFR 10/2012.
  11. CBM Annex A-2, Trigear bulkhead panels have not been included.
  12. CBM 912XS section 7.2 shows the upper cowl fixings as being 15 bolts total. Revised to 11 bolts.
  13. CBM 912XS section 2.1. Dimension from upper face to pivot hole omitted. Should be 60mm.
  14. CBM 914XS section 6.2 shows the upper cowl fixings as being 15 bolts total. Revised to 11 bolts.
  15. In both 912XS July 09 and 914XS July 09 the drawing of the oil tank bracket is missing. It should be page 3.3.
  16. NG Build manual 2-2. There are two references  to “Flock”.  This should read “a stiff mix of Ampeg 21 (epoxy) and flox”.
  17. New TP9 Revised TP9 (from June 2009). (see download below)
  18. Control column boots are essential safety feature. See ???
  19. Mogas use, Fuel tank fittings and drains.  This topic needs revision

Last updated Oct 2012