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Nigel Graham

Nigel Graham

Responsible For

Club treasurer and modification information.

Flying Experience

PPL (FAA) “Single Engine Land and Sea” with a “Complex” endorsement. 250 hours, of which 125 hours on Tiger Moths. Amphibious Super Cub, 250hp Maul amphib.

My most memorable flights are every minute in a Tiger Moth, beating up Kemble in an Antinov AN2, flying at ten feet inverted over a reservoir in California in a Stearman.

Special Skills/Experience

I trained as an avionics technician, building airborne radar units. This was followed by a career in the Electronics industry.

I developed good composite skills building fiberglass canoes as a hobby and this later came in handy when I purchased my Europa. I developed a good mechanical aptitude with my first British motorcycle, which broke down every week. My love of motorcycles, particularly old ones, has endured to this day. I restore these when I should be building my Europa.


Eastleigh, Hampshire

Aircraft, and Current Status

Kits 147. I am attempting to gain the record for the longest Europa build time whilst simultaneously achieving the “Most Modified Europa” award.