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Bob Hitchcock

Bob Hitchcock

Retired 2016. Four decades working for a single company; Vaillant. €3 billion turnover. Manufacturer of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning products. Major plants in Nantes, Remscheid and Belper. UK Senior manager for Logistics, Credit Management, e-commerce and Business Continuity Management. Divorced. Two children. Europa club member since 2006. Based at Apperknowle airstrip, Coal Aston, Derbyshire.


More than a thousand hours of flying of which the greatest is European touring. IR(R), Night and SLMG ratings. Early training on the usual Cessnas, Pipers and half a dozen other types. Then interests in a Monowheel Falke, followed by a Tri-gear 80HP Europa. Initiated into longer range European touring by the Europa club in 2006 and then never looked back. In 2008 acquired outright and fell in love with Sadie, (G-BYSA) a 100HP Europa XS Monowheel with VP prop. Eight wonderful years of pure flying joy until her tragic destruction in August 2016. Now in a new relationship with Meg, (G-MEGG) another 100HP Europa 912ULS XS Monowheel. Woodcomp 3000N VP propeller. Mode S, 8:33. SmartASS3, Vacuum standard T panel, Garmin and SkyDemon GPS.


Builder of G-BYSA; The late Bryan Allsop.
Builder of G-MEGG; Martin Mavers





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