AAIB Reports


These files are copes of bulletins published on the AAIB website. UK AAIB. You can view the original documents on the AAIB wesbite by going to the index for the month in which the report was published (normally shown in these files near the top of the text) and choosing the appropriate link. Copies can be downloaded in PDF or word-processor format.



Aviation Safety Network

Most of the information contained in the Aviation Safety Network site is based on information from official sources (authorities, safety boards). However individual subscribers also post. Therefore apply a judgement to the information offered.



General Aviation Safety Council

Terms of Reference laid down by the Conference of General Aviation Organisations for the GASCo remain as valid today as in 1964 and are as follows:-

To collect, collate and disseminate flight safety information among users of UK registered general aviation aircraft.
To study all matters affecting, or which might affect, flight safety in UK general aviation and to make recommendations to interested parties, as necessary.
In furtherance of these terms, GASCo publishes a quarterly magazine called 'Flight Safety' which is available for a small annual financial contribution to the Council's funds. It contains articles and information on flight safety matters and analyses of the causes of flying accidents and incidents which are published in the expectation that they will help pilots and operators to avoid the misfortunes of others.




The Europa Club Safety Officer

The Europa Club has a Safety Officer who takes a keen interest in the topic. The Safety Officer has a permanent seat on the Committee. The Safety Officer will comment and occasionally publish articles on safety related matters.

Mike Gregory

Mike Gregory

Responsible for promoting safety in all its aspects. These include safety in the hangar and workshop, as well as operating safely in the air and on the ground. Willing to discuss the safety aspects of any Europa accident or incident, actual or potential, and where appropriate to take action through the LAA to develop and maintain safe operating procedures as well as the technical aspects of airworthiness.

Flying Experience

Learned to fly on Chipmunks at Elstree and continued with the Air Squadron. Other experience includes the Miles Hawk III (Magister), Auster, Beagle Pup, Cherokee, Cessna 150, Dyn-Aero MCR 01, Slingsby Firefly, Tiger Moth, and Robin DR 400. Currently part owner of a Jodel DR 250. Total 630 hours.

Special Skills/Experience

Served 37 years as an engineer officer in the Royal Air Force, including the maintenance of avionics systems and work as a project officer on the introduction to service of the Tornado, Hawk, Bulldog and Lynx. Subsequently worked at Cranfield University researching into design for manufacture in the aerospace industry and distributed design teamworking across industry sectors. Employed by the Institute for Manufacturing, Cambridge University Engineering Department as an external tutor. In 1996 (at Ivan Shaw’s request) designed a circuit diagram for the Europa and wrote an electrical chapter for the builders’ manual, including a section on basic electrics.


Cambridgeshire, flying DR 250 from Cambridge airport.

Aircraft, and Current Status

Building Europa Classic kit number 94.

General Comments

I would encourage everyone concerned with Europas to share their experiences and knowledge to help others to understand what goes right and what might go wrong. Safety is no accident!

Fly safely